Why are Mogu Pillows so Comfortable to Touch and Hold?

The beads have been trademarked in Japan as Powder Beads, and they are what give Mogu cushions their extreme softness and pliability. The pillows are famous for their touch sensation and conformance to your body’s shape and weight, which is totally exclusive to the Mogu brand. The powder beads along with the supple cover material are what make Mogu pillows the most comfortable pillows ever.

How do we use Mogu Pillows?

Mogu Pillows have many different usages. Some use them as back supports, or some as head supports. Either way they’re both very comfortable, providing state-of-the-art, uniquely-engineered cushioning that provides serious and much needed comfort and pain relief especially for chronic pain sufferers.  This is achieved by eliminating pressure points and by distributing weight out and away from the body through its unique cushioning technology.

MOGU Microbeads

Microbead pillows are definitely the future of support. They surpass even memory foam in terms of comfort, safety, and affordability. There is also no worry of allergens, dust mites, or mold growth. The pillows don’t absorb water and are considered hypoallergenic.

MOGU microbeads go a step beyond the normal microbeads during production and design. They are designed in a way that minimizes friction noise created from the beads moving around. They are also designed to pass safely through the body should one be consumed.

The microbeads are soft, comfortable, and constantly forming to the shape of the body. If you move or change positions, then the support pillow will change its shape to match. Please do not purchase knock-off brands of Mogu Pillows. They do not use Powder Beads (patented) technology but use foam pellets instead. Cover material is also different and do not offer the same touch sensation as the original Mogu Pillow.

Removing stain from Mogu cushions & pillows

Spray Uyeki Baby’s Fabric Cleaner Spray on the stain to cover the whole stain.
Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove with wet cloths or wet tissue.
The stain should be removed.

Washing your Mogu Pillows is Easy!

Since Mogu Pillows are the ones used most often in a variety of ways, cleaning it needs to be simple and easy. We have listed several insider tips to cleaning below. Follow these secrets and you’ll be able to keep your Mogu Pillow looking and smelling great.

Steps and Detergents to use on your Mogu pillow:

MOGU does not recommend washing the MOGU itself.
Especially, Large items and items with a large amount of beads cannot be washed.
If you really need to wash, just put the cover in the net and wash softly.

1. Hand wash

Please wash your hands gently at a water temperature of 30 °C or less.

Detergents containing chlorine bleach or fluorescent agents cannot be used as they deteriorate the polyurethane yarn. Also, be aware that bleaching agents such as detergents for partial washing have a greater effect.

Please avoid leaving it. It may cause discoloration.

Rinse thoroughly after washing to avoid leaving detergent.

Washing with the remaining hot water in the bath can cause mold. Be sure to wash with clean water.

2. Dehydrate in the washing machine

Leaving it wet condition will lead to fiber deterioration. Please centrifuge immediately.

Be sure to use a net for dehydration and avoid long-term dehydration. If the fabric tears and the beads leak out, it may cause the washing machine to malfunction.

Avoid tumble drying.

3.Shade dried

Shape it and dry it in the shade.

Insufficient drying can cause mold to grow.

Do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long period of time. The polyurethane yarn fibers used in the fabric are prone to deterioration.

If you hang it on a hanger and dry it, it may cause the fabric at the contact point to stretch.