PROYDER  is  focused  on  promoting   therapeutic  benefits  of  relaxing  soothing comfortable   everyday   lifestyle   with   MOGU   ergonomically  designed  pillows , cushions and pet toys that conforms with the body contour for physical and mental comfort wellness .

To hygienically safeguard  the home  ecology whilst cleaning unsightly stains from household  furniture  and  curtains  and  to remove  greases  after  cooking  in the kitchen, PROYDER  offers  UYEKI plant based anti-bacterial and anti-virus nature friendly Baby Fabric Cleaner spray and Super Orange cleaning detergent that are safe even for children skin.  And  to  eliminate unsightly fungus build-up on basins and walls and in cabinets in the home PROYDER offers the UYEKI Red Gel Mold Remover.

And for  soft  comfortable  and  quick drying wipe after a bath or shower and hand and face wash,  PROYDER offers the  AIR KAOL  fluffy light  weight soft luxurious feeling hand, face and bath towel for baby, mom and daddy. Soft luxurious comfort at affordable prices . 

PROYDER  homecare  and  wellness  MOGU  Pet  Toys ,  cushions  and  pillows; UYEKI plant based nature friendly detergents and AIR KAOL towels are Great as gifts for baby, boys and girls and mom and Dad.

In the industrial sector,PROYDER also supplies oil country tubular goods (OCTG) which  are  mostly  high  quality  steel  pipes ,  manufactured  mainly  to American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications, such as:

  • Casing
  • Tubing
  • Drill Pipe, Heavy Wall Drill Pipe and Drill collars
  • Tubular accessories (Casing and Tubing Couplings, X-over Subs)

to companies specially engaged in the drilling of cased oil and gas wells.